Friday, May 31, 2019

week 7

Week 7, Hello this is my week 7 blog on my passion project and i have one more week to get my things finished and ready to present i will have a update for you about how it went after thank you for tuning in for my week 7 blog.

-Ryan Young

- May 31 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

week 6 update

Hello i don't have very much to say for week 6 update but i am going to find some materials for my vortex cannon soon and i'm going to make it soon after.

-Ryan Young

-May 22nd 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hello this is my week 5 update and i have some big news! i have decided to make a regular size vortex cannon i big vortex cannon and a little vortex cannon and i will use all of the in class when i present. i have a idea where i would ask everyone to put on little Styrofoam cups on there head and i will stand at the front of the class and try to shoot them off there head with the air coming out of the vortex cannon. I am thinking of getting the suplise i need from Dollarama and from my garage but right now i am researching how to make smoke without any real big fires i am feeling confident with my 3 weeks left to finish this project thanks for tuning in for week 5 of my air vortex cannon passion project!

-Ryan Young

-May 16th 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

week 4 big announcement to share!

Hello i have some news maybe not the best news to some of you but i have thought about this a lot and i feel that at my age building a go kart may be to hard to do and not to mention i do not have all of the parts for my go kart project and in the future i may come back to the go kart!... Now to the big news! i have decided to spend the 4 weeks that i have left to build a vortex cannon it is a air gun that can shoot over 30 feet! the parts i will need are a small bucket with a hole in the bottom a shower curtain the top two inches of a coke bottle and a bungee cord and a handle that i will make put of materials that i have not chosen. for a special show i will try and find something that can depose smoke and i will put some smoke inside the vortex cannon and shoot out the smoke and it will make a ring or something that looks like a ring out of smoke. You may be wondering how it will make a ring well now for some science! when i pull back on the coke bottle handle and let go the air coming out from the vortex cannon is faster than the air around us and that forms a ring thank you for understanding my decisions to change my passion project here are some links to my vortex cannon idea special thanks to Ellen Degeneres and The King Of Random! (Ellen) ( The King Of Random)

-Ryan Young

-May 9th 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Week 3,
Hello this is my week 3 blog on my homemade go kart build this week i worked on finding parts and assembling the parts i still don't have a engine but i have a plan to find one i don't have much more to say but i will be working more on it in week 4 thank you fro tuning in!

-Ryan Young

-March 2nd 2019

Thursday, April 25, 2019

week 2 go kart build update

Hello go kart blog this is my week 2 blog on my homemade go kart build this week i found a frame and a set of back wheels for my go kart. But i have run into a problem i could not seem to figure out how i was going to make the back wheels spin. So my dad suggested cutting the axle in half and connecting a engine and make each wheel move on its own thank you for tuning in for my week 2 blog on a homemade go kart till next time!

-Ryan Young

-April 25th 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

My go kart build!

This is where i will be posting progress and the final product of my homemade go kart!

For week one of the process of my go kart build i will be researching builds and parts for a homemade go kart using Google and YouTube. The reason i chose to do a go kart for my passion project is i have always had a passion for building and mechanics and i think i will use the final product of my project for years to come. my plan is to build a go kart that is fast, controllable, efficient and safe to use and i will be using restored parts from tractors bikes and an old chainsaw i am going to be using steel bars for the frame and a diamond plated steel base i am hoping to find some diamonds in the dirt so i will be looking threw my dads company garages and my garage, spring clean up piles and stores if i need any other parts. One of the biggest problems for this project will be finding parts to make the engine and to find some wheels. Thank you for tuning in on week one of my eight week go kart build project.

-Ryan Young

-April 17 2019

week 7

Week 7, Hello this is my week 7 blog on my passion project and i have one more week to get my things finished and ready to present i will ha...